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====== Adriatic from the Sailboat ====== Now we will speak in Croatia, Croatian cities, islands, and folks. For a while, my dearest served in the navy. So, what would you give this kind of man on his birthday - another wrist watch or mobile phone that is new? I picked a sailing trip on a chartered yacht. Luxury travel under sail is absolutely a new experience for us, and the sailing in Croatia is something special. Here, you are able to find more than a thousand islands with well preserved towns built by the ancient Greeks or Romans. The shore is presented with Rovine, and Split, Pula, Komiza, Rovinj, Pula many areas to see! Afterwards, we are going to write about some of them-- Rovinj and Rovinj, for instance. He had never been to Croatia, a nation of numerous islands and the purest Adriatic Sea. It could well be the best place in Europe for yachting or sailing. Moreover, the architecture of the old cities bears the imprint of former Venetian domination making your existence onshore so enjoyable. What a great idea for our travel website!: [[|How to rent boat Balearics?]]

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