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====== Adventure at sea ====== This was even more noticeable after I flew it over on Monday on the way to Rome. We'd to go to a more sheltered harbour for the night on the island of Sipan. This wasn't on the initial itinerary but was a little, less touristy town where I tried some arty photography. Ston is famed for its salt pans producing a lot of salt in the initial procedures and we were given a talk afterward we climbed part of the "Great wall of Europe". We needed a drink in town afterwards. The coach took us to a wine and liqueur tasting. Then it was on to an oyster tasting, for which the area can be renowned. I 'm told they were not up to Bluff oyster standards but still they were quite good. On Sunday we sailed across the largest seas of our journey back to Split, where we'd to give the yacht we chartered back. Again we had a town tour, so although I'd drifted in the town by myself a week before I learnt a little more. Likely the worst of the town's long history was in the siege from October 1991. Happily most has been restored. Before travelling to Rome to the airport on Monday for the afternoon flight it was time for a final dinner and sleep on board.: [[|What yacht charter Croatia do you recommend? That would be boat.]]

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