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====== Aloha From Deer ====== One of the most distinctive Polish streetwear brands Aloha From Deer has just opened a pop-up store in Stary Browar. Aloha From Dear wear 50 Cent, Robbie Williams, Ellie Goulding, Anja Rubik, Magdalena Frąckowiak, Jessica Mercedes. Up to now, sweatshirts and leggings in original princes have been available exclusively on the internet and in the Parisian boutique Kiliwatch. Pop-up store, which will operate in Stary Browar until the end of June this year. It is the first place in Poland where "live" you can see and buy the most famous patterns - galaxies, clouds animals, flowers or burgers. The showroom available at presents only the best Polish design. Aloha From Deer [[|aloha bluzy]] is another pop-up store in Stary Browar promoting Polish designers. In recent months, thanks to Hush! Warsaw, Showroom Kids, "shops for a moment" Wearso or Tutu, guests of the Old Brewery had a unique opportunity to meet dozens of independent Polish brands, the vast majority operating only on the Internet. With this approach, Stary Browar is constantly offering its customers new shopping opportunities, and for many brands it is a real incubator of their commercial success.

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