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====== Briju Crisscut ====== The magic of this place has become an inspiration for designers from the Christopher Designs studio. It is the team under the direction of Polish artist Christopher Sowiński who has set the trends in diamond processing. They have developed and patented a unique surface finish on 121 facets. A fascia is a plane on a stone that affects the shape and intensity of the reflected light. Perfect diamond grinding has resulted in a stone that has no brightness and is still unmatched. And so was born a new, quite special kind of diamond shining harder, called Crisscut®. His glow is unmatched. The stone was soon appreciated by the Hollywood stars. Crisscut® diamonds include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Beyonce and Celine Dion. All the more, it is worth mentioning that these unique diamonds are also available in Poland. Briju Company [[|Briju opinie]], which was given exclusive rights to sell American diamonds in Poland, introduced Briju Crisscut® to our market. And so began the Polish history of these stones. In a world in which everything seems to have already been, everything is backed up and popularized, he stands guard for uniqueness. The fact that a diamond is made of one element makes it the purest and most expensive [[|ekskluzywna]] of all precious stones. For this, Crisscut® can extract up to 30 percent. More glow of a given stone than other, more popular grinds. In case of Crisscut size does not matter. Regardless of the size and shape of the stone, it shines with unmatched glow. For the Polish company Briju, having a collection of diamonds Crisscut® is a great honor. Finally, as the only company in Poland, it allows you to buy unique diamonds straight from New York.

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