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====== czekanowski blogi majszaka w niemczech ====== [[|kat seo]] In all his excitement, long-lived Achillon gathered and met a lot of that something can even surprise him. Although he never went through a surprise so terrible to this virtually petrified. Until now, as today he checked her as if she became some sort of monstrous creature in the bottom of the gulf. I not imagine that. He, the infamous God, once in a long time did not believe in something. A specifically - in the terms. The horrible sounds to hardly drop out of the way in twins. - What? - Anxiously he checked the leap showing individual country of human, then sent her look. - Bores you, principle with harmony, for which we fought so long? I want to transform it? Antay slightly narrowed her judgments also did him a painful look with divan on what he reclined. - You fought, brother. I not. Achillon did not reply, but the girl would not agree. Not quite. According to the brother and he had a handgun, which she enjoyed frequently, efficiently and very effectively. Weapons subtle, although perhaps much more vigorous than its rune sword. Own stiff. "And that maybe what it was the last moment the cause of all ills" - he assumed, watching her through head to toe. People are not necessarily wearing vain called Antay the goddess of appreciate with elegance, because really that was. Enamored in itself both men and women. Her beauty - little body, full lips, violet judgment and hair like water gold - praised in many melodies also remained regarded as ideal. Goddess already taken many a sensitivity ... and soul. Yet the one he Achillon, called Haunted. Snow puma, resting with his lady, snorted with displeasure once their fingers Antayi ceased to pat her. The woman took ahead then strolled slowly toward the enchanted spring. - Since you did what we did - continued - mortal go to normal, yes, but it takes also be a ... monotonous. I do not see why, but I have the brand that the world that people take invented together, if he had shed his color. I want to fix them. I possibly even have a respect ... Achillona mind did not escape fast group of the woman palm, lightly brush necklace with a greater amber resting between the shapely breasts. The man suddenly thought like snow stopped it on the inside. - You're certainly not getting ... - But obviously. - She chuckled being a tiny amused girl. But then he grew serious. - I miss him, Achillonie. I even view him in my joys and I understand which in addition suffers. My feeling is continually shedding tears of body. More and more I think about it, to connect the hearts. I feel this can soon happen - such a huge sadness joined myself to morning ... "... Which I killed him" - dopowiedział a spirit, since the brother dared not close. "In which I killed him and denied her of pleasure and wonder." Formerly Antay liked to visit the earth. He is changing the design and air, a bit with his brother on the wall, in many instances alone, wandering among unsuspecting mortals, enjoying eyes all over, and by taking the local delights. The girl remained plus a lover that quickly happened to her most love. Or at least and so she collected. Their star Aldegundis then was one of the richest inhabitants Shirara. That wealth owed his passion professionally and simultaneously - goldsmithing. Jewelry was a moment a kind of luxury. And although Shirarze many goldsmiths operated the business, it is Aldegundisa, a true champion, visited time next night in search of the most striking trinkets. One day Antay too holds arrived in the store. However, no decoration could not match the beauty of the seller, and he failed to remain fair to the charms of the goddess. The fervor of love between them bust off about instantly then stayed fueled with a long, long time. In the end Antay wybrankowi revealed the whole truth on himself. Aldegundis initially shocked, not overjoyed. He invited the beloved, and so she understood

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