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====== Evolis card printers ====== Evolis was founded almost 20 years ago in France and today is one of the knowest manufacturers of printers for plastic cards in the Europe (printers like: thermal transfer). French print machines not only put print on the white plastic business cards, but they can be equipped with many of additional things, such as: barcode printing, etc. that increase cards durability and protect them from unauthorized copying. Printing of PVC cards is the act of an extremely simple and superb fast. After configuring the Evolis printer, the process itself, in practice, isn't different from printing documents using a normal paper printer. Card printers correcly work with all popular text or graphics apps (such as Photoshop even Paint), and if you need to have the dedicated software to print loyalty cards you could find them on the internet. To be honest, each card printers is offered with a professional software. As a result, loyalty cards or PVC badges will be made really fast and with reliably. Depending on the application, we could choose to make cards one or two printed. My website: [[|drukarka do kart]]

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