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====== Inotia 4 great android game RPG Game titles For Android ====== Excellent game with RPG, ktrej special feature is the size of the universe. Without a doubt this is one of the largest and best-built game worlds that can be found in mobile productions. In addition, importantly, this world alive, so you can not really complain about the boredom while playing. The story itself is fairly typical, lonely hero moves into the unknown to save as a result of destruction of the whole world and honor the gods supporting it. The game welcomes us with beautiful animation. We learn from it that after the battle of Deathtaker - very bad dragon and almost killed him, wicked we would simply ran away and we have to chase him. Yes draws the plot of the new game for the iPhone / iPod touch Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor. But the story here is not the most important. The game starts by creating a form from a pool of 4 available attributes: STR - that force, which indicates the number of inflicted injuries; CON - that our points of life, and the recovery rate; DEX - the ratio of hits; AGI - which determines how quickly move around the map. The first location in which to find the city Elves. The local kid says we look weak - what is difficult to blame him, after all, each blob (as live Poringi reminiscent of Ragnarok Online) breaks us as he wants. Our initial equipment is wasted, and the store has weapons available space ceny- and we as a hero or a penny. Walking around the city, we can get a few tasks to do, that's the standard - find a lost person or bring xx data objects. Tasks can also get from people we met in the field. Awards are different from the armor items, the new skills and improving scrolls possessed weapons. The graphics are beautiful. During the tour we sometimes admire nice area - whether forest or underground. Characters, both the hero and the enemies are nicely drawn, but unfortunately you can not see changes in inventory. Unfortunately, the number of frames form is poor, so the game can look as if it lacked liquidity. I also found a bug that manifests itself, including that in some locations at the bottom of the board to collect garbage, which of course spoils the aesthetics of the game. The music too much you can not write, except that it is a game and in the background is not too upsetting the player to match the environment in which we are. The sounds are well done decently, though their number is mała- ot a few strokes weapons, skills or docinający rain. Unfortunately, there is no spoken dialogue. Boards after which they move are randomly generated, as well as the spoils left by the opponents, and these are a whole bunch. The weapon is hard to come by and more we're told to save captured coin to buy new hardware to crush the local fauna and flora. Types of equipment is a lot - from swords and knives, the lances, axes and hammers wojenne- each weapon is encountered as an ordinary and magical, and has drawn the statistics. Added to this is the possibility of upgrading weapons and armor with found recipes. The fight takes place in real time, even though we only indicate whom our hero has zakatować. The only option we can help the hero to use abilities, medicinal drinks, or adding us strength for a period of potions. Combat mechanics terribly reminds me of MMORPG, also through the laborious leveling. Later in the game you get your own pet. Apart from purely demonstration qualities, it gives us a stat bonuses and along with getting their Stamina, bonuses are rising. The game is very addictive, and the transition game very nice, though not every game can appeal to. I personally think that if the authors of more wysilili, it could have to leave something brilliant, and so evaluation 6 + / 10 should be enough to play this game. The game appears to be very interesting, but it is quite difficult. Therefore, I encourage you to check [[|inotia 4]], which will aid the complete game. Personalization hero is quite simple, though you can choose from six character classes, a skill tree counts up to 90 items! I think that everyone will find the optimal path of development of your character. In addition to the linear campaign to give you the exploration of the world and performing randomized tasks commissioned by NPCs, for which he receives a gold and experience. If after the completion of the game is felt unsatisfied, you can activate the special game mode that will go back into the past, to have played fragments left unattended to beat them again, choosing an alternative way of fighting. The controls are intuitive (for touch screen), conveniently use of weapons and spells. Everything looks very nice, the graphics is maintained in fantasy convention.

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