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====== Invest fast with cryptocurrency OKPay and Skrill ====== If you like what you see then and think it’s easily workable as part of your portfolio then let’s see what the numbers are. You will need just a $10 minimum to join TradeexPro, so immediately we can see it’s a very affordable program that doesn’t require any serious financial risk on your part, unless you want to take it that is. That can be very important to encourage new members to join, because the investment term in TradeexPro is very long term so you need to be sure it’s something you are prepared to commit to. The term is 365 calendar days, so that’s a full year. During that time there’s a sort of two-tier payment system. For business days, Monday through Friday, TradeexPro are offering daily interest rates that can vary. These can start from as low as 1% per day or climb as high as 5% in exceptional circumstances. Payments will continue over the weekend, but for this time TradeexPro offer a predictable but stable 1% fixed rate for Saturday and Sunday. Your principal is counted as part of those payments and will not be returned on expiry and can not be requested back, either fully or partially, at any time during the term. The thing about fluctuating interest rates is that earnings become hugely unpredictable from one week (or even day) to the next. In the worst case scenario, i.e. receiving the lowest possible rate all the time, you would still come out with 7% interest per week which is in fact not that bad for any long term program with a year long cycle. At the other extreme end of the scale, in the even less likely scenario that TradeexPro made the maximum possible payment everyday you could be looking at a return of 27% in a week. Looking through the historical payments made by TradeexPro to members so far however, 5% looks a lot like a number that’s just dangled in front of you to encourage an investment. The reality is that what you actually receive is going to be a lot closer to the lower end. Just use the above figures as a guideline to see what potential minimum and maximum profit levels might be, and how fast/slow it might take you to break even. Maximum investment limits are capped at $100,000 by the way. [[|top investmant]]

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