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====== Notaries form the government notary, consisting of the notarial compartments and the National Notarial Council. ====== Notaries form the government notary, which include the notarial compartments and the National Notarial Council. The National Authorities of Notaries is the associated with Notaries. That plays an important role, both within environmental surroundings notarial and wider - legal as well as in external relations. It is also a body of view leaders, inspiring and supporting concrete legislative action. In the judgment of bills and other what is and legal solutions to the National Council of Notaries come back to parliamentary committees and Senate committees, as well as the Ministry of Justice. KRN is also giving its body and advisory to the Minister of Justice on matters associated with notaries. When a year, the Country wide Council of Notaries was created to the Minister of Proper rights of the assessment of the notary. [[|kancelaria notarialna Częstochowa]]

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