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====== one day yacht charter croatia ====== We left really early and headed to Mljet today. In the National Park there is the most amazing lakes. When we arrived we headed to the lakes into the park and caught the ferry over to St Mary's Island. After lunch we went swimming and headed to the lakes again and we really sunbathed the weather was wonderful. It is about time. for dinner we had a wonderful Captains dinner - a barbecue it was delectable. We again left early and headed to Split (the jewel of the Adriatic), our last stop. We went for a walk along the walls of the fort that encircles the chief town of Split and headed into the town. Following this stroll along the walls, we headed into a place called the Hole in the Wall, where it is possible to get drinks and Nick leapt from the rocks into the ocean. Split is a city that is beautiful. We went to a wonderful local restaurant for our last dinner together. Marta was surprised by Martin with a birthday cake as it was her birthday that night. We headed out for some drinks and then slowly drifted back to the boat. I headed back early as I had to be up very early for my bus back to missed my last "cooky" breakfast and left early to catch my bus back to Sibenik I'd reserved an early bus so that I could be back in Sibenik be lunchtime so I could have a good look around Schism as I 'dn't seen much of it by that time. [[|website]] Travel, cruising, sailing in Croatia, sailing yacht, yacht charter, vacation, playing

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